Lots of ISPs and other vendors offer do-it-yourself web building tools. And using them, you could probably cobble together a usable site, assuming you want to spend the time learning the interfaces, figuring out how to build the pieces, and working past the gotchas. At the end of all that effort, you’ll have a site that… looks a lot like all the other ones made by those tools.

Or, you could hire a professional to create your site. My sites reflect my background, so they’re beautiful, distinctive, and tested. You don’t have to invest your limited time on a learning curve, or chase down answers to unexpected problems, or beat your head against tools that don’t quite do what you need them to. Your site will just work.

Fully Responsive

These days it’s not enough to design a static page; web content will be accessed by a multitude of devices, each at its own page dimensions. I keep this in mind for every web page I create.

Whether you come in on a phone, tablet or desktop, my sites will always look their best. I test them for legibility and efficient loading, and use HTML5 compliant tools that work without Flash. They’ll load correctly onto all modern browsers, and their components will be visible to search engines when your site gets crawled.


For anything from a few items for sale, to a full web store, I can set it up for you: full inventory online, item photos and descriptions, multiple variants per item, items grouped and tagged by keyword and category, shipping options customized by destination and priority, and much more. Training available after site is set up.

Interactive Multimedia

Want an animated demo with sound? Interactive online presentation with hot spots, popups and links? Random access document pages with on-demand navigation? I’ve done them before, and I can add them to your site.

Smart Forms

Whether it’s getting useful feedback from your audience, or entries to an event, or online application forms for a service or project, I have a form solution that’ll do what you need. I can add complex multipage forms with conditional logic (branching to question sections based on earlier answers), or simple forms for quick user response. Do data validation before submission, and send form data to one or multiple recipients. Let me help you capture user-generated data elegantly and efficiently.

SEO Enabled

Add a statistics package to your site to see who’s visiting, from where, using what platforms, staying how long, hitting what pages. Track by hour, day or month. Get to know your audience as they get to know you.